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Q: Why the red indicator light is off during charging?

1. Make sure chargingcable connect headset well;
2. You didn’t use the headset for a long time, the battery may dry up. At this time, you have to charge the battery for 30 minutes, and then the red LED will be ON.

Q: I can pair VXH330X with bluetooth device, but I can not hear any music.

Make sure your bluetooth device supports A2DP profile.

Q: Why can not control play/pause, previous and next track during playing music?

This function needs your Bluetooth device supports AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control profile)

Q: I hear distortion and the sound quality is poor

1. Keep the headset closer to the Bluetooth device;
2. Check Battery status

Q: The sound is very low.

Try adjusting the volume by Volume up key, make sure the volume on bluetooth device is tuned up as well.

Q: The quality during a call is bad, other side can not hear me.

Many factors will impact the mic performance during a call, such as the carrier network, signal strength, Bluetooth connection.

Please try the cable to connect with your devices and make the phone call. If problem still occurs, please move to a better signal area.

Q: Can not access in pairing mode, can not pair with my phone or tablet.

Please check headphones status first. Sometimes, if there is a Bluetooth transmitter in the pairing area, transmitter will pair and connect with the headphones immediately. It looks like that you can not access in pairing mode and can not pair with your phone or tablet. Please turn off the Bluetooth transmitter and try it again.

Q: The sound from PC is bad.

Open up Bluetooth devices by right clicking the system tray icon. Right click your headset and select properties. Navigate over to the services tab and allow it to load the services. Make sure "Audio Sink" and "Headset" are both checked.

​Q: After using a period of time, battery drains out very quickly.

1. Turn on the headphones
2. Do not connect any devices with headphones, headphones are in standby mode, the blue indicator single blinks every 2 seconds
3. Simultaneously press and hold both play/pause key and multi-function key for 2-3 seconds, release the buttons till you see the indicator turns to red/blue blink alternately or hear the beep sound from headphones
4. Turn the headphones off and full charge the headphones till indicator turns to solid blue

Pair and connect your headphones with other devices as usual.